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The paper continued by asserting that Zanu-PF would win the social media battle and “mere gossip ... What is left of Zimbabwe’s independent media is taking Baba Jukwa seriously.

In its startling remarks, Parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee warned that there was need for intervention as some students had been jailed for various offences committed out of their desperate situation.

Baba Jukwa names and shames the shadowy cabal of politicians and securocrats in Mr Mugabe’s inner circle as well as their alleged local lackeys and thugs doing the grassroots intimidation of opposition activists.

Clearly spooked, the state-controlled media has issued increasingly shrill denouncements that have merely encouraged more people to go online and see what all the fuss is about.“Baba Jukwa’s thunder is waning as the stories become more and more ridiculous,” the government’s daily mouthpiece The Herald wrote recently after Baba Jukwa alleged that the country’s police chief, Augustine Chihuri, was secretly printing additional ballot papers.

This writer sat down with Brenda Chikinu (not her real name) a mother of two who found her life partner through a dating site.

In 2000, 24-year-old Brenda graduated from law school and moved to Masvingo.


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