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Who is harder to live with: Bridezillas or Bad Girls? There were some complications with my first pregnancy. I'm still transitioning from being 100% bad girl to 90% to 80%.

The Bridezillas were tough because they are serious divas. Any reason why you didn't feel like you could come out with it? We'll probably take them to Jamaica in the summer, and Jacob and I are really into sports, so our kid will probably play sports. Sometimes I get into trouble with Jacob when I do things like wear a thong bathing suit, or whatever.

Recently this guy claims to fame as a reality star, while he appeared on the hit WEtv's Bridezillas.

The Bridezillas can't have a martini unless it's a Skinny Girl martini. Hard times are best to share with family and loved ones when it's new! Natalie was a competitor on Season 2 of the Bad Girls Club spin off show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.Season 2 was hosted by former bad girl Tanisha Thomas.Natalie was over top when she appeared on The Bad Girls Club, her famous saying, “I run LA,” when did she ever run LA?” I never saw her run LA, I saw her run on the streets of LA but never “technically running LA.” Natalie thought she was that deal and everyone needed to bow down to her and why she thought that, I’m still trying to figure that out.Right now, he's the lead singer/guitarist of Imajin, a Universal/Motown band.


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