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Though they just made their pairing public, Ben Affleck and girlfriend Lindsay Shookus didn't seem to have a care in the world while spotted out in LA Monday.Both lovebirds were grinning ear-to-ear as they ventured out to for a romantic Italian dinner together.Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle completes its orbit around the sun every 133 years, and roughly 2,400 years from now, this will bring it ‘perilously close’ to our planet, explains astrophysicist Ethan Siegel.On September 30, 2014, a suite of NASA instruments spotted what appeared to be a solar eruption - but soon after, a serpentine structure known as a filament rose from the surface and collapsed, being shredded to pieces by invisible magnetic forces.News of Ben and Lindsay's relationship became public last week.'They are spending time together in LA Lindsay is staying at Ben’s new house,' a source told People.'They had dinner at Giorgio Baldi on Thursday. The insider told Us that Ben and Lindsay 'were not casually dating' but have been 'having a full-blown affair' since 2015.'They were sleeping together, sending each other cute texts and meeting up whenever they could,' claimed the insider.However, a source close to Ben claimed they pair have only been dating for three months and tried to make it clear that 'Lindsay was not what led to the end of [Affleck and Garner's] marriage,' adding 'They had a ton of other problems.'Lindsay was previously married to Kevin Miller, a former SNL producer; they have one child together.He flew over the carrier before touching down on the four-acre deck and then taking off again unchecked.The flight may now be discussed in Scotland's Parliament by MSPs concerned about security flaws.

And they were all smiles upon exit, with Ben carrying a bag of leftovers as both sipped on some to-go drinks. They had a quick dinner and then returned to Ben’s house,' the source added. News claimed the duo are 'in the early stages' of the relationship, Us Weekly reported the two have been seeing each other 'on and off' for over two years.

A public health researcher at Queen Mary University in London says that nuclear warfare could lead to environmental impacts such as fires, soot in the stratosphere, and declines in global food production.

Costing £3.1billion and weighing 65,000 tonnes, she's Britain's biggest and most advanced warship ever built.

The warehouse worker is still piecing his life and finances back together three years on.

David, 58, turned to online dating after the break-up of a long-term relationship.


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