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Lions were once widespread throughout most of Africa and India, and even North and South America.Wild lions now only live in sub-saharan Africa and Gir Forest of northwestern India.Wir haben keine Kontrolle ├╝ber den Inhalt dieser Seiten.

Posted a year and a half earlier, that video showed a figure in a dark green hoodie suffocating two tabby kittens using a vacuum and plastic bag.

He begins repeatedly thrusting the object in downward motion into the captive's abdomen. One hundred times the dark figure stabs the naked man. " Green thought to himself, watching on his i Phone.

"It's Luka." He got out of bed and opened the link on his computer so that he could view the video on a bigger screen.

The figure leans over the man and touches his blindfold. The video cuts at the one-minute mark, returning to the man, now with a black sheet over his head.

Ten seconds later, the dark figure reemerges, holding an icepick in a clenched fist.


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