Windows news gadget not updating

I was reading that the gadgets were discontinued but would they still update ?

However, 2 days later, it went to forecasted temperatures again.I'd open, re-save and restart the widget and it'd work for another two days. what is happening when I open and re-write the file: I'm updating the modification date stamp on the file.It dawned on me that maybe MS has coded a cutoff date for the file in Windows and that after that date, the file is considered 'dead'.Many users will strongly advise against the continued use of gadgets due to security concerns.»»nakedsecurity.··· gadgets/I use the "Accu Mini-Forecast" Gadget, and a number of other gadgets still, but it is a personal choice.» The most similar to the original MS Weather Gadget may be the "MSN Weather Gadget".I can upload the .gadget file here in a if you like the look of it.When installing an updated gadget package, it's advisable to uninstall any previous versions by right-clicking the gadget in the Gadget Picker and selecting "Uninstall" from the context menu. Otherwise, installing an updated gadget by either a self-installing gadget package or copying selected files results in the same behavior described above.


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