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If you're using a standard Blogger template, see Manually adding a Disqus gadget to Blogger When Google comments are enabled, Disqus cannot load.

You will need to disable G comments before Disqus will appear in Blogger – from your Blogger dashboard, click the "Google " tab and unselect the "Use Google Comments" option.

For a long time I didn't need RSS, but now I need both posts and comments feed.

First (posts feed) works great when I post a new article, RSS updates in seconds.

The response body is not parsed at all if the result contains a If-Last-Modified date equal the requested If-Modified-Since - although the server responded with a 200 OK and not a 304 Not Modified.

And this bug does not show in older versions of the software stack like Debian used on our old update servers.

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To prevent this, go to Blogger → Settings → Comments and set the Who Can Comment? If the gadget installer isn't working for your site, you have the option of manually installing Disqus.Resulting in on average only half the usual updates.As it turns out the real problem behind all this is a bug in pecl_http, the php extension we use for getting the feed contents.Short version: We fixed a bug on our update servers that slowed down blogspot feed updates.Long version including technical details for the ones who are interested: One of our users (thanks Jennifer!If you update the older blog posts, Google will take the modified date and display it in the SERPs. Like this, ruthlessly has many of the advantages like increased readership, the effectiveness of images, and organic traffic.


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