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"It was a strange experience, making a love story and not getting along with your costar in any way."7.

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When Noah and Allie are in the street, he says he would watch the light change "from green to red to yellow" with his dad. Before that, Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, and even Justin Timberlake were reportedly linked to the film.

Said the source of their rocky relationship, “Their disagreements always come back to a central issue: Eva wants to marry Ryan, but so far, he has resisted.” Now, however, pregnant Mendes has moved in with Gosling at his bachelor pad, according to the source.

“The house is quite small, and only has two bedrooms,” the source revealed. The rest of the film wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was smoother sailing.” PHOTOS: Ryan Gosling’s Private Concert After the comments, the source said, “Ryan called Nick and voiced his displeasure about him talking about his ex-girlfriend.

When Mendes, 40, discovered she was pregnant, “It was completely unplanned,” an insider told Radar.

“Ryan was surprised, especially because they had broken up early last year, only to get back together.” three years ago, and have been through their shares of highs and lows since.


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