Dating delilah band

She had a boyfriend at school, but met a guy at a party who was in this band called the Plain White T's, and the musician told her he was going to write a song about her.A few months later, Tom Higgenson visited her house to drop off a CD.One of the tracks was called "Hey There Delilah." big.On February 8th, 2008, she attended the Grammys with the band. The song didn't get Tom Higgenson the girl, she is still with the same boyfriend from college (full disclosure: my brother, Will), but they've both enjoyed the ride. For one day, and one day only, I was a guest at the biggest party on the planet.Not particularly practical if you're hotfooting it between catwalk shows in the rain, but lucky Delilah probably had a car to cart her around.

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When he was picked for the competition, he realized he was missing one important thing: a band. The foursome learned five songs in two weeks, played a 20-minute set, and won.The song didn't win, but she described the day as one of the best of her life. And unlike every adolescent movie I've seen, at this party all the pretty/rich people were also nice and happy! Everyone was so friendly, complimentary, and skilled at making you feel at ease.It lasted a couple of hours and every interview basically covered the same questions, but each had their own style which kept it fresh and fun. I began to understand how much of an artist's future hinges on snagging big awards like this.Chris Hyde (drums) and Ian Skavdahl (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) were once roommates in college.“I don’t know if it’s called roommates when one person lives in a closet,” Skavdahl joked.Sitting around a table at the Pizza Coop, beers in hand, the four members of Ian Hale and the Legacy seem like longtime childhood friends.


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