Red figure crayer dating from 460bc

Beaches are only a short distance away at Lido San Leone and at Porto Emp├ędocle.Agrigento's main tourist attractions from the Christian era are in the present town center, between the railroad station and the cathedral.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.This large ceramic vessel, called a column krater, was used for mixing water and wine.Three of the temples in the eastern group stand together in a row and are illuminated in the evenings.

The historical re-constructions using original pieces from the digs are particularly effective with the public (the late Bronze Age necropolis of Piazza Monfalcone on Lipari, the prehistoric and proto-Greek necropolises of Milazzo, part of the Greek necropolis on Lipari).

The authors break a lot of new ground and really bring us up to date on a discipline that has seen remarkable changes in the past decade.

Agrigento sits in hilly countryside very close to the southern coast of Sicily, and because of its superb temple ruins, it's one of the most rewarding towns in Sicily to visit.

It was donated by Dimitrios Vernardakis from Saint Petersburg.

The construction began in 1866 and was completed in 1880.


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